The true story of a former Planned Parenthood director’s courageous choice in favor of life.


December Meeting


December Knight of the Month Deacon Arthur Robbins
Grand Knight Bob Wheat
November Knight of the Month Richard March


Teddy Johnson

Knights of Columbus Council 13125 welcomes our newest member Teddy Johnson.


Upcoming Events

Deacon Arthur is requesting assistance with putting lights on Bradford Pear trees in front of the church on Saturday December 15th. More than likely to start around 9:00 in the morning. Both father Beaux and Zoghby have given instruction that he is not to do this alone as in the past,so our assistance is important. Besides he has given of himself tremendously in preperation on the Baxley house, our home, please make time for this as I will be out of town and cannot be there. We can discuss this futher at our meeting on December 11th.

Our meeting will be on Tuesday December 11th. I will be arriving early at the Parish House with BBQ grill in tow. We will be having steak,ribs,chicken,with fixings and libations. It is mainly a party as planned, with a short meeting after the meal. Please reply to this announcement as to give an idea of how many will be in attendance for food prep purposes. Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Christmas!!!!

Fraternally Yours,

Bob Wheat

Buddy Walk 2012

Buddy Walk 2012

Participants in the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk

Knights Help Feed the Many

Knights of Columbus Council #13125 help prepare food during the Buddy walk.

ID Campaign Super Success and Upcoming Events

Brother Knights,

Wanted to give a report and thanks to everyone involved in the ID campaign. We collected $850.00 Saturday at WalMart for our less fortunate neighbors. A good time was had by all!! Remember that we will be selling beer and participating at the backyard BBQ Friday evening. The following morning we will be at Hank Arron Stadium for the “Downs Sydrome Buddy Walk”. There is also another opportunity to give of yourself at the Little Sisters of the Poor Lawn Party Sunday. Our brother Knight Richard March and others are literally making 550lbs of sausage Saturday to cook at the Lawn Party Sunday. They are looking for help. He can be reached at 401-0466

For those who did not attend meeting last Tuesday, there will be a 1st,2nd,and 3rd degree at Springhill College on Sunday the 28th starting at 9:00am. For those interested contact me at koc13125@gmail.com.

Fraternally Yours,

Bob Wheat

Intellectual Disability Campaign

Please come and visit the Knights at the Schillinger Walmart in West Mobile today from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. We will be collecting money as part of the “Tootsie Roll Drive”. The money from this fundraising drive will go directly to the National Intellectual Disability campaign.

First Business Meeting at the Baxley House

Drop Box

Intellectual disabilities drive

October 13th we will need volunteers for the tootsie roll drive at Wal Mart the hours we are authorized for are 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Please set some time aside to volunteer for a 2 hour shift. Will follow up on this at our next meeting

July Knight of The Month


Grand Knight Bob Wheat presents Cosmo Comiskey with a certificate recognizing him as the Knight of the Month for July.

Anonymous Member Donation

It was Friday at the Big Field Day event.  Grand Knight Bob Wheat and Knights of Columbus Council #13125 provided free grilled goodies for all in attendance.  The event was coming to an end so Bob wrapped things up, jumped in the truck, and hauled the BBQ Trailer back to his home.

Early Saturday morning Bob woke up and started mowing his entire 3 acre yard.  It was a scorching hot day.  The yard was mowed except for where the truck and BBQ Trailer was parked.  He walked up to the truck and swung the driver side door open.  As he was about to leap into the truck Bob discovered a plastic bag sitting in the seat.


Bag of Money

Bob opened the bag and the first thing he pulled out was a $100 bill!  After counting up all the money, the total came to $530.  After checking www.KofC.org we found the Disabled Children of Haiti Fund sent them a check
Council #13125 sincerely thanks the member responsible for this very worthy donation.